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The Future of Roaming

In 2007 the European Commission started working with regulators and operators to reduce roaming costs for customers travelling across the European Union. Since July 2014 roaming prices have been capped, reducing again in 2016.

Now, using your phone when travelling in any EU country will be charged at the same price as it would at home.

New EU roaming regulations

The 'roam like at home' initiative means that costs are capped, providing reassurance for customers. Accordingly, mobile operators are paid fairly for use of their infrastructure and can still make reasonable profits.

Mr Andrus Ansip, Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, welcomed the agreement:

"This was the last piece of the puzzle. Europeans will now be able to travel in the EU without roaming charges. We have also made sure that operators can continue competing to provide the most attractive offers to their home markets."

What does this mean for me?

Now this might sound like great news for those wanting to stream across the EU at low costs, however this may not entirely be the case. Mobile companies will likely look for other ways to plug the gaps in their revenue, including increases to other charges to compensate for losses in revenues. This could mean smaller usage allowances, higher charges for going over allowances, or greater monthly subscription costs.

For the broadcasting world, a small increase across hundreds of SIMs could cause a significant increase in running costs. However fear not, we're here to help.

The Broadcast SIM way

Broadcast SIM is different. We've built our network to be global from the outset and more importantly, we've built it with broadcasters in mind.

We offer some of the best prices available and you won't be charged more for the ability to use Broadcast SIM around the globe. Coverage extends beyond the EU to over 185 countries worldwide and includes all the world's major networks. But it doesn't stop there. We're continually working hard to decrease our prices whilst also increasing the number of countries and networks available to our clients, in order to achieve our goal in creating a completely global SIM.

We only charge for the data you use and our plans don't have a data cap, so you no longer have to worry about overage fees or running out of data.

To find out more about how we can help, take a look at our homepage for more information about Broadcast SIM and get in touch.