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M2M SIM vs Normal SIM Card. What's the difference?

You may have noticed that we put a lot emphasis on the fact that our SIMs are M2M (Machine to Machine). We know this sounds like jargon, but the difference is important. Here's the low-down.

What is M2M?

To understand the importance of an M2M SIM card you first need to understand the concept of IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M. Simply put, IoT is a network of devices that are connected to the Internet. The purpose of IoT is to make processes more accurate and efficient.

M2M is driven by IoT and is the process in which two ‘things’ (connected devices) pass data between them. This allows us to automate almost any process and eradicate the need for human interaction.

Why is an M2M SIM better than a standard SIM?

A standard mobile SIM card doesn’t offer you the same critical features and functionalities that an M2M SIM does. Here are some of the benefits of Machine to Machine SIM cards:

Pooled Data

M2M SIM cards allow you aggregate data across your SIM estate. This gives you the flexibility to share data across all of your devices without the need for individual plans for each SIM. As well as lowering costs, this also makes the process of managing your SIMs and invoices a lot easier.

Multiple Networks

Another advantage of using a multi-network M2M SIM is that you aren’t fixed to one network. Multi-network SIMs give you the ability to roam networks on a steered or non-steered basis. A steered roaming SIM would always default to one primary network even if a better signal is available.

Broadcast SIM is a non-steered SIM which is a more ideal solution as it doesn’t default to a single network; instead it always connects to the strongest network available in that area. This network roaming capability means you’re far less likely to lose signal and is perfect for global broadcasting.

SIM Management

This is where the true power and benefits of M2M SIMs shine. M2M allows us to give you complete control over your SIMs via our client portal. You can monitor your data use and SIM activity, activate and deactivate SIMs, lock SIMs to an IMEI (device) and so much more.

The benefits of M2M SIMs don’t end there; for more information about M2M SIMs, including security, connectivity and more, take a look at our homepage and get in touch.