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Introducing Broadcast SIM 2.0

Here we go! We are now unleashing our newest version of Broadcast SIM, together with key hardware producers, global carriers and the coolest broadcasters we have done something remarkable.

Broadcast SIM is not just the most powerful SIM to date, but it comes with a state of art portal where you can control, steer and maximise your Broadcast SIM experience. And as ever we are pushing the prices down! No subscription, No minimum commit, No License, just pure raw connectivity power!

So, what's new?

Broadcast SIM has been working closely with our partners to remove all superfluous code and settings from the SIM card, allowing the device and the network to manage connectivity, not the SIM.

We know that just sounds like techno-jargon, but trust us, it’s a pretty BIG DEAL! Don’t worry, we’ll explain it with a list of new features:

A New SIM Management Platform
Our new portal allows deep network control and insight. All of our customers report our platform outperforms any SIM Management platforms they’ve worked with before.

Real-time Data
The platform shows in real time whether a session is active, the network the device is attached to, the Cell ID it is attached to and the past 48 hours of sessions. We use diameter, not radius for improved accuracy.requested.

Location Services
Real Time mapping of SIM location to single Cell ID resolution

Non-Steered, Open Roaming SIM
Connect and disconnect to over 900 networks globally. There’s absolutely no logic on the SIM or in the network that prefers a particular network unless

Geo Fencing
Ability to set Geofence around network, area or Cell ID(s) and receive an email and/or suspend SIM if it moves.

Lock SIMs to a device by IMEI so they can't be used in any other hardware.

As you can see there are a lot of great new features and all of the behind-the-scene upgrades will allow us to provide you with a more streamlined experience.

To find out more about Broadcast SIM or to get in touch, visit our homepage.