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How To: Sort and Filter SIMs by Group

Grouping is a great step to managing all of your SIMs, but being able to filter and sort them by a group is even better. In this tutorial we show you how.

So you've mastered the skill of creating groups for your SIMs and now you want to be able to do something with them. Here's how to sort and filter your SIMs by group for easier management.

Sorting SIMs by Group

Nav Bar

Once you have logged in to the portal, click on "SIMs" in the Nav Bar to go to the SIMs page.

SIM List

This page shows a list of all the SIMs you have on your account with some basic information. You will see a column for any custom fields that you have added. In this case, we have the column "Device". You will also see the groups that have been created for your SIMs in this column. In this case, LiveU and Aviwest.

Sorted SIM List

Clicking on the title of the column, in our case "Device", will sort all of the SIMs in the list by group in ascending order alphabetically. Clicking the title again will sort in descending order.

You can use this method to sort the SIMs using any of your custom columns or any of the default columns

Filtering SIMs by Group

You can also filter the list to only show SIMs in a specific group using the search box at the top of the page.


The search box will show any custom fields you have created. In our case it's "Device". In the text field below a category, enter the name of the group that you want to filter and click "Search". For this tutorial we used Aviwest. The text fields are case sensitive so make sure everything is spelt correctly.

Note: You can enter values for multiple fields to filter down your results even further.


After clicking search, you will see your SIM list has been filtered using your search criteria. Use the "Clear" button at the top of the search box to clear the filter.

Success! You now know how to sort and filter SIMs by group, or anything else for that matter.