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How To: Group SIMs

Keeping track of SIMs can be difficult, but it doesn't need to be. With a few simple steps you can group SIMs by Client, Unit, Device or anything else you can think of. Here's how.

1. Navigate to the SIMs Page

Nav Bar

Once you have logged in to the portal, click on "SIMs" in the Nav Bar to go to the SIMs page.

2. Create a Custom Field

Customise Button

First you need to create a custom field for your group, such as Device or Unit. This will be a category that you will then add groups to.

On the SIMs page, click "Customize" to bring up the custom fields popup.

Customise Fields Dropdown

Click the dropdown in the Custom Fields popup and select one of the default options.

Custom Fields Settings

Enter a category name for the custom field, select a field type and click "Update". In this case, we are using the category name "Device" and field type "text".

Note: The field type can be set to text, number or list. Text and number will limit the input values to the specified option. The list option allows you to create predefined values to choose from.

Custom Fields Success

After clicking the "Update" button, a success message will appear. When you see this, you can go ahead and close the popup.

You have now created a category to group your SIMs. Repeat these steps to create multiple categories.

3. Create a Group and add SIMs

IMSI Number

Now that we have created a category, we can start grouping SIMs together using a specified value. On the SIMs page, click on the IMSI number (highlighted in turquoise) of the SIM you want to add to a group. This will take you a details page for that specific SIM.

Modify Custom Fields

Click on the turquoise "Modify Custom Fields" button on the top right of the SIM Details page to bring up the Custom Fields popup.

Modify Custom Fields Popup

In this popup you will see the categories you have created. Enter the desired name of your group in the text box below each category. This is the name that will be used to group your SIMs together so make sure it's identifiable. In this case, we are using the name "LiveU".

Once you have added a name, click "Next".

Note: If you have created multiple categories, you can edit them all here at the same time.

Modify Custom Fields Popup

The next screen will confirm the IMSI and the ICCID for the SIM you will be modifying. If everything is correct, click "Finish".


After clicking "Finish" , a success message will appear. When you see this, you can go ahead and close the popup.

That's it. You have now successfully created a group and added a SIM to it!

Repeat these steps for each SIM you would like to add to the group making sure the group name is the same. You can create different groups by using different group names.

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