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Broadcast SIM Joins the LTE Broadcast Alliance

LTE is the future of broadcasting and the LTE Broadcast Alliance are at the forefront of defining LTE 5G standards for broadcast. This is why Broadcast SIM are proud to announce that we are now part of this initiative to help push the technology forward.

LTE Broadcast enables the same content to be simultaneously sent to a large number of users, resulting in more efficient use of network resources. It is being used by operators as well as content providers to address the demands placed on networks by the huge upswing in mobile video consumption.

Thanks to several successful commercial and trial deployments and the growth of streaming video consumption, the benefits of LTE Broadcast are now clear. However the technology requires further work on the part of network operators, hardware vendors, and standardisation bodies to realise it’s full potential.

This is where the LTE Broadcast Alliance comes in. The Alliance consists of key players in both the telecommunication and broadcast industries, all working together to ensure that LTE Broaacast technology receives the support that it needs to become standardised. This will speed up the development of the technology and make it much easier for everyone to implement.

LTE Broadcast technology will allow Broadcast SIM to provide an even better experience for our clients, so joining this initiative the obvious next step to ensure that Broadcast SIM will continue to be the broadcasters first choice for connectivity. We are already now working with the other members to make sure this technology and it’s benefits are available commercially sooner rather than later.

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